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Caterpillar 972H Wheel Loader
$72,000 USD
-5.5 cu.yd G.P bucket with spade noze lip B.O.C.E, -26.5-25 tire, -Finger type hydraulic control with front & reverse, -Lincoln auto grease system, -Electric scale, -C13 engine with 285 H.P,...
Location Arnold, Quebec, CA
Stock Number ZID-129968
Volvo L110G Wheel Loader
$24,000 USD
-Cab Heat And A/C, -Aux Hyd, -Quick Coupler, -Ride Control, -4 Spd Power Shift Trans, -Tight Center, -Tight Bucket, -23.5x25 Tires At 50%, -Bucket Kickouts, -Diff Lock,...
Location Arnold, Michigan, US
Stock Number ZID-129962
Case 621E Wheel Loader
$72,500 USD
-Bucket, -Hydraulic forks, -10' hydraulic snow plow
Usage 4,000 Hours
Location Arnold, Massachusetts, US
Stock Number ZID-129958
Caterpillar 950F Wheel Loader
$43,000 USD
-Wheel loader super clean Articulated loader, -Air tires, -Enclosed cab, -Diesel rebuilt engine by factory, -Hours not verified
Location Arnold, California, US
Stock Number ZID-129948
Caterpillar 950F II Wheel Loader
$32,500 USD
- EROPS, -GP Bucket with bolt on edge, - 23.5 X 25 Tires, -Some minor leaks, - Runs fine, - Overall clean and tight, - Few drips under the belly, - Cylinders dry, - Works everyday,...
Usage 28,000 Hours
Location Arnold, New York, US
Stock Number ZID-129947
John Deere 844K Wheel Loader
$125,000 USD
-Erops, -29.5R25 Tires, -7.75 cy bucket, -14’6” max lift height
Usage 6,313 Hours
Location Columbus, Ohio, US
Stock Number ZID-127695
Volvo L110E Wheel Loader
$39,500 USD
$400/day, $1,300/wk, $4,000/mo to rent
-Bucket 9ft x 4½ft, -Ride control, -23.5R25 tires 35% front 65% rear, -Seatbelt installed 2016, -Solid glass all around, -Videos available on request
Usage 11,684 Hours
Location El Paso, Texas, US
Stock Number ZID-128589
Volvo L180G Wheel Loader
$68,000 USD
to rent
-A/C cab, -26.5x25 Tires, -GP Bucket 134 In wide
Usage 9,986 Hours
Location Houston, Texas, US
Stock Number ZID-129913
Volvo L70E Wheel Loader
$32,500 USD
-Third and Fourth Function, -quick coupler, -Forks, -Side dump bucket, -Used for Snow removal, -Motor was Replaced, -Hours not verified, -Center Replaced last year, -Good running machine
Usage 16,000 Hours
Location Mid Atlantic Region USA, Pennsylvania, US
Stock Number ZID-129821
Volvo L180C Wheel Loader
$23,000 USD
-Erops, -Seat is in good condition, -Has all its glass, -A fuse cover panel, -Cab is pretty clean smoke smell free, -Serviced regularly and all the fluids and filters have been changed, -No...
Usage 19,267 Hours
Location Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Stock Number ZID-129775
Volvo L70F Wheel Loader
$47,000 USD
-Erops, -5.7L 146Hp diesel, -Long Boom, -4 in 1 bucket, -Third function, -Quick coupler, -Formerly municipality owned by a County
Usage 5,374 Hours
Location East North Central Region USA, Indiana, US
Stock Number ZID-129733
Volvo L150F Wheel Loader
$54,500 USD
$800/day, $2,300/wk, $7,000/mo to rent
-GP bucket, -A/C, -Boom suspension, -Load Rite 12180, -Auto lube, -26.5R25 Rubber, -One owner, -Well maintained, -Matris report available (53.8% idle time), -Service records available,...
Usage 13,862 Hours
Location Baltimore, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-129817
Caterpillar 988F Wheel Loader
$37,500 USD
-One owner, -Work don at 32,000 hours:, -Reman'd engine, torque converter & Div, Retarder at hours, -Rebearing and reseal governor and fuel Inj Pump, -replace tilt cylinder, -Service...
Usage 33,000 Hours
Location Boston, Massachusetts, US
Stock Number ZID-129637
Volvo L50G Wheel Loader
$61,050 USD
-Great running machine, -Has coupler, -3rd valve, -Heat and air conditioning, -2yd Bucket, -Tires in great shape -It is clean, serviced, and ready to work.
Usage 6,400 Hours
Location New England Region USA, Connecticut, US
Stock Number ZID-129033
John Deere 624K Wheel Loader
$135,450 USD
-Erops, -1 Vis coupler, -6 ft forks, -8 ft carriage
Usage 3,418 Hours
Location New England Region USA, New Hampshire, US
Stock Number ZID-128599
Volvo L60F Wheel Loader
$71,500 USD
-Erops, -Comes With Bucket And Forks, -Quick Coupler, -3rd Valve, -Almost New Tires, -Was Mostly Used On Water Line Construction, -A/C
Usage 8,500 Hours
Location East South Central Region USA, Kentucky, US
Stock Number ZID-128980
Volvo L60E Wheel Loader
$55,000 USD
-Erops, -Great condition -Newer motor and runs excellent, -5000 Hours on New Motor, 8000 Hours on Frame, -Quick Disconnect, -Auxiliary Hydraulics
Usage 5,000 Hours
Location New England Region USA, New Hampshire, US
Stock Number ZID-128347
Volvo L110H Wheel Loader
$167,000 USD
-Erops, -Runs everyday lub system
Usage 3,800 Hours
Location East South Central Region USA, Tennessee, US
Stock Number ZID-127282
Volvo L90G Wheel Loader
$49,500 USD
$500/day, $1,500/wk, $4,500/mo to rent
-Volvo reman trans March 2017 @ ~8100 hours, -Hydraulic Q/C, -Bucket, -Michelin 20.5R25, -Cab with A/C, -Ride Control, -Rear View Camera, -Service Records available, -Matris and Ispection...
Usage 10,384 Hours
Location Cumming, Georgia, US
Stock Number ZID-129829
Caterpillar 972G Wheel Loader
$55,000 USD
-Erops, -Engine starts excellent,, -No Blowby,, -Transmission shifts in all 4 gears Forward and Reverse,, -Brakes Work Well,, -100% Glass remaining in Cab,, -1 small seep on a cylinder,,...
Usage 28,511 Hours
Location Mountain Region USA, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-129776
Caterpillar 938G II Wheel Loader
$41,000 USD
-Erops, -GP Bucket with teeth, -Good running unit -Well maintained by a local contractor.
Usage 11,089 Hours
Location Pacific Region USA, California, US
Stock Number ZID-129828
Komatsu WA380 Wheel Loader
$89,500 USD
-4 Yard Bucket
Usage 14,795 Hours
Location Arnold, Florida, US
Stock Number ZID-129906
Volvo L90F Wheel Loader
$68,000 USD
-Information Coming Soon
Usage 6,951 Hours
Location Kansas City, MO, US
Stock Number ZID-129875
Case 621F Wheel Loader
$57,500 USD
Usage 5,372 Hours
Location Kansas City, Missouri, US
Stock Number ZID-129867
Caterpillar 966C Wheel Loader
$19,500 USD
-More information coming soon
Usage 3,916 Hours
Location Springfield, Illinois, US
Stock Number ZID-129862