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Komatsu PC200LC-8 Excavator
$69,000 USD
-Hydraulic Excavator With A, -Komatsu Saa6d107e-1 Turbo, -Charged Diesel Engine, Cab, -With Air, 3" Seat Belt, Susp, -Seat And Travel Alarm, -31.5" (800mm) Triple Grouser, -Shoes (Ilos), -18...
Usage 4,924 Hours
Location Arnold, Texas, US
Stock Number ZID-129957
Komatsu PC200LC-8 Excavator
$60,500 USD
$600/day, $1,900/wk, $5,740/mo to rent
-A/C Heat, -31.5" pads, -Auxiliary Hydraulics, -Good runner, -Videos available on request
Usage 4,229 Hours
Location Baltimore, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-125544
Komatsu PC750LC-6 Excavator
$102,500 USD
-Erops, -More information coming soon
Usage 20,100 Hours
Location Arnold, Oregon, US
Stock Number ZID-129950
Caterpillar 316EL Excavator
Call for price
-Unverified Hours, -Photos Coming Soon, -Information Coming Soon.
Location Arnold, Georgia, US
Stock Number ZID-129942
Komatsu PC600LC-8 Excavator
$97,500 USD
-Photos Coming Soon, -Information Coming Soon.
Usage 9,025 Hours
Location Arnold, Georgia, US
Stock Number ZID-129925
Doosan DX225LC-5 Excavator
Call for price
-Photos Coming Soon , -Information Coming Soon, -Hours not verified
Location Arnold, Georgia, US
Stock Number ZID-129936
Volvo EC250EL Excavator
$87,500 USD
to rent
-47" GP bucket, -9 ft 6 in. stick, -Aux hyd, -A/C, -Rear view camera
Usage 4,170 Hours
Location Arnold, Texas, US
Stock Number ZID-129916
Caterpillar 326FL Excavator
$102,500 USD
to rent
-34" GP bucket, -9 ft 6 in. stick, -A/C cab, -Rear view camera
Usage 5,423 Hours
Location Arnold, Texas, US
Stock Number ZID-129915
Caterpillar 330CL Excavator
$63,000 USD
-Very strong,, -New Fuel Pump and Injections, -Good undercarriage, -thump runs super
Usage 8,950 Hours
Location South Atlantic Region USA, North Carolina, US
Stock Number ZID-123013
Komatsu PC220LC-6 Excavator
$29,500 USD
-Cummins Engine, -Photos Coming Soon , -Information Coming Soon
Usage 7,300 Hours
Location Austin, Texas, US
Stock Number ZID-129868
John Deere 350G LC Excavator
$79,200 USD
-EROPS, -Deere 9.0L/299HP, -Pilot Controls, -SBG, -27.5 Pads, -13'1" Stick, -Anti-Drift Valves, -New Engine 8/2018 - Extensive Service History, -48" B&D Bucket, -Rear Camera
Usage 6,214 Hours
Location Madison, Wisconsin, US
Stock Number ZID-129877
John Deere 450C LC Excavator
$41,400 USD
-6125HT Diesel, -2010 DCL Mine-X DPF, -Rated 2.5 cy / 104,000# Operating Weight, -9-Roller Track Frame, -Partial Rear Roller Guards, -36" TBG Tracks w/Rails & Pins Good, -18' Crawler, -150"W...
Usage 9,968 Hours
Location Sacramento, California, US
Stock Number ZID-129860
Caterpillar 322CL Excavator
$42,500 USD
-Great working machine, -Original paint
Usage 13,555 Hours
Location West North Central Region USA, Minnesota, US
Stock Number ZID-129777
Caterpillar 308C CR Excavator
$40,250 USD
-Cat 308c Cr Hyd Thumb Front Blade, -Clean Straight Machine,, -Work Ready
Usage 3,800 Hours
Location Arnold, Michigan, US
Stock Number ZID-129904
Caterpillar 315CL Excavator
$68,000 USD
-U/C good 70% left, -One owner, -Auxiliary hydraulics, -6cyl,, -Runs great
Usage 5,787 Hours
Location Foster, Rhode Island, US
Stock Number ZID-129881
Caterpillar 312BL Excavator
$45,000 USD
-Information Coming Soon
Usage 5,375 Hours
Location Boston, Massachusetts, US
Stock Number ZID-129826
Volvo EC160CL Excavator
Call for price
Usage 5,572 Hours
Location Arnold, Virginia, US
Stock Number ZID-129899
Hitachi Hitachi-EX1900BE-6 Excavator
$925,000 USD
-Strong running unit, -New water pump - 6607 hours, -3 new teeth and top shank covers - 6841 hours, -Installed #5 and #6 main pump - 8051 hours, -Machined idled in 2015, -Idler adjuster...
Usage 9,887 Hours
Location Harrisburg, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-128916
Komatsu PC220LL-8 Excavator
$72,500 USD
-Good running, -Reliable and solid Log Loader, -Pierce 52" grapples, -Boom, -Bearing and moving parts are tight, -Loader has just over 19,000 hours, -Has been meticulously maintained, -This...
Usage 19,000 Hours
Location Pacific Region USA, Oregon, US
Stock Number ZID-129456
Caterpillar 329EL Excavator
$77,000 USD
$800/day, $2,500/wk, $7,500/mo to rent
-Erops, -AC, -Heater, -Air ride seat, -56" tooth bucket, -Hydraulic coupler, -10'6" stick, -Rear view camera, -Straight line travel pedal, -Control room changer, -31 1/2" track shoes
Usage 5,721 Hours
Location Park City, Kansas, US
Stock Number ZID-129780
Caterpillar 320DL Excavator
$60,500 USD
-Information coming soon
Location Pacific Region USA, California, US
Stock Number ZID-129564
Volvo EW170 Excavator

Volvo EW170 Excavator

$46,000 USD
-Erops, -Rubber tire, -Runs great
Usage 4,000 Hours
Location New England Region USA, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-129558
Caterpillar 322C FM Excavator
$93,500 USD
-622b head, -Meticulously Maintained, -Machine is ready to work, -Head has been gone through and various parts replaced with new, -New hyd, -Pump drive and undercarriage is extremely fresh, ...
Location Pacific Region USA, Oregon, US
Stock Number ZID-129566
Caterpillar 320DL Excavator
$60,500 USD
-A/C, -Heat, -9'6"Stick, -41"Bucket, -31.5" Pads, -Cat 3066 Eng 140HP, -49,300LBS Operation Weight, -GP Bucket, -Aux Hydraulics, -U/C 50-60%, -Used in Scrap Yard, -Rebuilt Engine, -With...
Usage 17,380 Hours
Location Pacific Region USA, California, US
Stock Number ZID-129588
Caterpillar 320C Excavator
$46,000 USD
Usage 7,800 Hours
Location Mid Atlantic Region USA, New York, US
Stock Number ZID-129778