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Caterpillar D6N LGP Dozer
$87,450 USD
-EROPS, -6-way, -Sweeps, -Aux Hydraylics, -Joystick, -GPS ready
Usage 10,000 Hours
Location Tallahassee, Florida, US
Stock Number ZID-129750
Case 850G Dozer
$32,200 USD
-UC 75 -80 %
Usage 6,140 Hours
Location Arnold, Indiana, US
Stock Number ZID-129954
1984 Caterpillar D8L Dozer
$39,500 USD
-24 Pads, -Ripper, -SU Blade, -Motor done at 15,000 HRS, -Rails done at 18,5000 75% remaining, -Finals done about 16,500 hours, -Very clean dozer -Video available on...
Usage 21,000 Hours
Location Alberton, Montana, US
Stock Number ZID-129945
Caterpillar D6N LGP Dozer
$46,000 USD
-Photos Coming Soon , -Information Coming Soon
Usage 14,130 Hours
Location Arnold, Georgia, US
Stock Number ZID-129940
Caterpillar D6N LGP Dozer
$47,500 USD
-Photos Coming Soon, -Information Coming Soon.
Usage 10,375 Hours
Location Arnold, Georgia, US
Stock Number ZID-129929
Caterpillar D6N LGP Dozer
$48,500 USD
-Photos Coming Soon, -Information Coming Soon.
Usage 9,325 Hours
Location Arnold, Georgia, US
Stock Number ZID-129930
Caterpillar D6N LGP Dozer
$199,500 USD
-Photos Coming Soon, -Information Coming Soon.
Usage 1,211 Hours
Location Arnold, Georgia, US
Stock Number ZID-129931
Caterpillar D5K2 LGP Dozer
$54,500 USD
-Fleet maintained, -One owner, -Records and oil samples available
Usage 8,900 Hours
Location Kansas City, MO, US
Stock Number ZID-129919
Caterpillar D9R Dozer

1999 Caterpillar D9R Dozer

Call for price
-U-Blade, -4 Barrell Single Shank Ripper, -Engine: 6,516 Hours Since Rebuild, -Torque: 6,516 Hours Since Rebuild, -Transmission: 10,306 Since Rebuild, -Bevel Gear: 10,306 Since Rebuild, -L....
Usage 34,582 Hours
Location Frankfort, Kentucky, US
Stock Number ZID-129695
Caterpillar D6T XL Dozer
$79,000 USD
$900/day, $2,800/wk, $8,500/mo to rent
-Erops, -Strong UC (standard UC, not SystemOne), -Ripper, -SU Blade, -Comes with Trimble GPS incl. blade mounting brackets, poles, receivers, and Trimble screen (CB460), -Trimble operating...
Usage 10,136 Hours
Location Baltimore, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-129085
Caterpillar D6K LGP Dozer

Caterpillar D6K LGP Dozer

$90,850 USD
-New batteries,, -75% undercarriage,, -it is in excellent shape and ready to work,, -Year Not Verified
Usage 8,181 Hours
Location East North Central Region USA, Arkansas, US
Stock Number ZID-120096
Case 350B Dozer

Case 350B Dozer

$13,500 USD
-OROPS, -Year Not Verified , -Photos Coming Soon , -Information Coming Soon, -Storage Location unknown
Usage 8,200 Hours
Location USA, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-129792
Caterpillar D6K2 XL Dozer
$62,500 USD
-PA Cab, -AC, -Accugrade Ready, -MS Ripper. (does not include GPS Masts) Undercarriage needs to be replaced.
Usage 8,020 Hours
Location Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, US
Stock Number ZID-129865
Caterpillar D8N Dozer

1994 Caterpillar D8N Dozer

$42,500 USD
-Cab/AC, -13' 2-way tilt blade, -Operating Weight:- 82,589 lb, -85% UC, 90% left on sprockets, steel tracks, and 28" pads, -Joystick controls, -3 speed Powershift transmission, -Complete...
Usage 1,000 Hours
Location Atlanta, Georgia, US
Stock Number ZID-129794
Caterpillar D6H Dozer
$37,500 USD
-Good undercarriage, -4 way blade,, -Very clean and well kept. Hi-Track -Hours unknown -Pins/Bushings, Sprocket & UC appear to be good Grouser Ht. 1" -Runs good -OROP
Location Lansing, Michigan, US
Stock Number ZID-129839
Komatsu D41P-6 Dozer

2005 Komatsu D41P-6 Dozer

$37,375 USD
-100% U.C -106 H.P -Strong, good grade machine
Usage 7,400 Hours
Location South Atlantic Region USA, Michigan, US
Stock Number ZID-128886
Komatsu D41P-6 Dozer

2000 Komatsu D41P-6 Dozer

$48,000 USD
-New Undercarriage, -New Motor At 3000hrs, -Nice Clean Dozer Ready To Work, -10ft Blade That Angles To 45 Degrees So It Is Not Over Width While Hauling, Stick Swayed Blade
Usage 4,000 Hours
Location Mountain Region USA, Minnesota, US
Stock Number ZID-128887
Caterpillar D6M-XL Dozer
$68,200 USD
-Heat & Ice cold AC -Complete new Under Carriage -Every thing except pads -Pads were not replaced, -Because they were still at 70-75% -Zero problems, everything works as it should -Super...
Usage 7,469 Hours
Location Mid Atlantic Region USA, Pennsylvania, US
Stock Number ZID-129032
Caterpillar D6R XL Dozer
$76,890 USD
-EROPS and Ripper, -Cold A/C, -Hot Heat, -All Fluids and Filters Serviced at 12,190 Hours, -Caterpillar C9 Engine with Gross 210HP and Net 185HP, -10' 8" Straight Semi-Universal...
Usage 12,200 Hours
Location West North Central Region USA, Missouri, US
Stock Number ZID-128350
Caterpillar D6N XL Dozer
$65,000 USD
Usage 7,139 Hours
Location West South Central Region USA, Texas, US
Stock Number ZID-127114
John Deere 650J-XLT Dozer

John Deere 650J-XLT Dozer

$57,750 USD
-Orops, -With winch Forest package, -50% undercarriage, -Good clean dozer
Usage 3,600 Hours
Location Mid Atlantic Region USA, Alabama, US
Stock Number ZID-128346
Caterpillar D9G Dozer

1973 Caterpillar D9G Dozer

$26,000 USD
-Orops, -The engine was rebuilt about 500 hours ago, -Hours not verified, but approx. 15000 hours, -Trans gets sluggish after about an hour in warmer temps, -3 Shank Ripper, -Straight Semi...
Usage 15,000 Hours
Location Santa Fe, New Mexico, US
Stock Number ZID-128442
Komatsu D375A-5 Dozer
$71,500 USD
-Erops, -Machine is in working condition
Usage 25,000 Hours
Location South Africa, Maryland, ZA
Stock Number ZID-128717
Caterpillar D11N Dozer
$168,000 USD
-Erops, -With Heat & Air Conditioner, -U Blade, -4 Barrell Single Shank Ripper w/Shank), -Engine: 5,576 hours since rebuild, -Torque Conv.: 5,576 hours since rebuild, -Transmission: 2,800...
Usage 80,783 Hours
Location Frankfort, Kentucky, US
Stock Number ZID-129683
Caterpillar D10R Dozer
Call for price
-Information coming soon, -Photos coming soon
Usage 43,058 Hours
Location Frankfort, Kentucky, US
Stock Number ZID-129697